My Top Five Mascaras of All Time

So, I’m Chinese. We aren’t exactly known to be blessed with the most luscious lashes… YET I have managed to pull off some great length and volume with these top picks.

  1. Fresh SuperNova [$25] : This gives me incredibly fluffy lashes with great length and no clumps. It stretches your lashes without a harsh, fake look. Though it is a bit pricey, it is totally worth the money. I honestly use this only when I go out or for more special occasions, but only because I go through mascara like water.
  2. Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black [$8] : This is my all time drugstore fav. When you want that extra length and drama- this is the way to go. I love this mascara because it’s so cheap and it looks amazing. It literally doubles my length and gives it a nice curl. I recommend going over the outer edges with an extra coat if you want an extra oomph.
  3. Maybelline Define-A-Lash [$7] : For a natural look, I reach for this baby. Define-A-Lash gives you ZERO clumps and it looks natural, light, and fluffy. I use this everyday and I never look too done up. It’s dummy proof because you can’t o.d. on it. Building up layers still look natural and its a good way to have lush lashes without the clumping. Day time wear for sure.
  4. Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain [$35] : Is it a weapon or a mascara? So…. I have mixed feelings about the Guerlain, I’m not going to lie. I have never had a mascara that stretched my lashes so far in my life- it was incredible. It lifted my lashes into a big curve while nearly tripling the length (i kid you not). The tiny wand on the end was amazing at catching the little outer corner eyelashes and helping them reach their full potential. LoL- my issue with this was the fact that my eyes looked cross eyed in pictures! My lashes were freakin huge and it made my eyes look all kooky. On everyone else, it looks incredible so I know I’m just the oddball. When it comes to everything it promises though, this mascara tops the charts.
  5. Lancome Hypnose [$24] : For some reason, I just loved using this as a top coat. I would brush this on top of a coat of Loreal Telescopic and bam- incredible length with amazing volume. It’s enriched with vitamin B5 and it’s uber soft on the lashes. It felt like it hugged my lashes and everyone thought they were fake. There’s no need to pull or yank with this one, a simple stroke and you’ll see the results.

How do you take off all the gunk?

OLAY Mascara and Make-up Remover [$8]. I SWEAR by it. You wont lose any lashes, just gently use your fingers to rub the creamy concoction onto the lids and wash off with your face wash. I wear a lot of eye make-up and ever since I bought this, I’ve yet to lose a fellow comrade.
Miss Louie