Early Summer Fav: Star Trek

Should’ve blogged about this the week it came out. Once again, please forgive me for my absence. If you haven’t watched Star Trek yet, march yourself to the nearest theatre and prepare yourself for two hours of hot, sexy, action-filled fun. Yes, of course, I attended the midnight showing and made a weak attempt to put together a decent costume. I ended up being super busy and just made some badges for my viewing party. Here are some of the fans with *ahem* real costumes…

Next, I’d like to address the fact that the entire new cast is ummm how do you say…. HOT?!?! P.S. I want to bear Spock’s children.
Some things I loved:
1. Spock and Uhura romance: I thought it was weird at first, mostly due to shock! Never did that happen in the original series, and Uhura [Nichelle Nichols] actually shared the first interracial kiss on television with Kirk [William Shatner]. I did end up liking the two together. They’re both hot and they’re both total badasses.
2. Sulu’s unfolding katana sword!?!?: Need I say more !?! Cool as shit.
3. Karl Urban’s performance: I think he was well casted and was a great Leonard “Bones” McCoy. They brought back a lot of phrases from the original McCoy so I’m sure the die-hard Trekkies were pleased.
If you thought J. J. Abrams already crapped money, think again. This new Star Trek for the younger generation can go in any direction that Abrams pleases because he sets it in an alternate universe. Let’s just hope that the sequels are equally as good.
Miss Louie