Colored Contacts on Asians

Hey Ladies,

So I finally buckled and got myself colored contacts. I know… I’ve joined the huge club of Asian girls that rock the light colored eyes, but… they’re freakin’ cool! To match my fake bake and Japanese brown color hair (the shade of reddish brown that ALL Asian girls end up with when they try to dye their black hair to light brown), I decided to go with FreshLook Colorblends in Gemstone Green and Honey. I really wanted the Amethyst, but I think it’d look better during winter when my skin is paler and whenever I dye my hair back to black.

1) Gemstone Green

2) Honey

Not tooooo crazy looking, am I right? I was really happy with the colors! I felt these looked the most “natural” and they also complimented my skin tone. The colors really show up great in pictures without looking frightening. They are awesome for going out. Looooove it!

The only downsides are:
1) they dry the shit out of your eyes after a few hours
2) for Asian girls that have narrow eyes, it can be hell to get those contacts to fit your eyeballs

My advice:
1) Keep eye drops in your purse
2) If you have olive or golden yellow skin tone – go for the greens or honeys
3) If you have a cooler complexion with darker hair – go for the purples
4) If you have a cooler complexion with light hair – go for blues and greens

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Hope it’s helpful!

Miss Louie