Top Chef Finale at Paul Qui’s Restaurant Uchiko

Uchiko was a BLAST tonight!!! We went to watch Paul Qui in the Top Chef finale with a bevy of loyal Paul Qui fans. We got to boo Sarah & Heather (YUCK) and cheer for our beloved hometown boy while stuffing our faces with his delicious food. Talk about a BADASS night!!! The air was electric and the restaurant was filled with so much love and pride. When Padma announced Paul as the Top Chef winner, Tyson Cole, his mentor/the genius behind Uchi and Uchiko, started to cry. The moment of victory was so touching, and I was so happy that I could be there to experience it. Who knew that a reality TV show can evoke the same amount of emotion as winning a gold metal for your country? Well, as silly as it may sound, Uchiko is not your ordinary restaurant…

Eating at Uchiko is not just a dining experience. It’s exploring an endless work of art. Every plate is created with the utmost care, and the only standard that they have is perfection. You will taste flavors that you’ve never tasted before and in combinations that you never could have imagined. You want to just hang on to every morsel as long as you possibly can.

CONGRATS to you, Paul. I wish you and your family the greatest of happiness. You deserve it!!

xoxo Miss Louie

Miss Louie