LeBunnyBleu Flats: I’M OBSESSED!!

As I was perusing Pinterest the other day, I stumbled across the ULTIMATE ballet flat company…. called LeBunnyBleu. Could it be!? A company that has combined my two most favorite things in the entire world – shoes and little adorable bunnies?!?!

LeBunnyBleu carries the most precious whimsical array of shoes, from ballet flats to sandals to sneakers to oxfords. Their playful colors and prints send me into some kind of smiling giddy frenzy. I am officially hooked! For those of you out there who are not so adventurous, never fear… LeBunnyBleu also crafts beautiful simple shoes that are more appropriate for the “office” (with only a little hint of bunny-licious-ness). I’m still trying to figure out what my first pair shall be. LeBunnyBleu shoes sell like hotcakes, so I’m waiting for some more size 6’s to appear online. Be warned, these shoes look pretty narrow, so they advise to get a half size bigger. Other than that.. HOPPY SHOPPING! http://shop.lebunnybleu.com


Miss Louie