After watching three straight episodes of Jeff Lewis’s Interior Therapy, I am filled to the brim with inspiration. He is the most talented interior designer in my eyes. He can transform the ugliest room into a masterpiece. He doesn’t just buy pretty furniture and throw it into a room, he creates a completely new environment that has it’s own attitude, personality, and life. Every single detail is covered down to the very last chotchky. His rich, yet calmingly muted color palettes makes you want to just melt into the room and soak up every last bit of design genius. I have been so addicted to interior design the past two weeks, I think my head is going to explode.

My style = big white spaces + neutral palettes + bits of color + modern sleek lines + organic (wood) accents +unique (cutesy) pieces. I firmly believe that your living room should be your sanctuary and that it should be the place you retreat to to recharge. Of course, my style is not for everyone. As I get older, I realize that I long for a minimalist home. I need a home that is void of chaos, so that I can release all the stress of the day when I shut my front door. Here are some more of my recent inspirations:


Miss Louie