The golden girls – Me, Nicole, and Kelly

Foreign & Domestic Saturday Bake Sale. Tote-a-wee Dee-wish-us. This little joint [that can barely hold 20 people] is famous for their amazing black pepper and Gruyere popovers, and they even sell their very own Official F&D popover pans so you can bake them at home [and pretend that they taste as good]! They have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. They are incredible. And they made my Saturday a whole hell of a lot better : D

Get here an hour early. You won’t regret it. We were first in line :)

My friend Nicole and I chomping away at our bounty.

Ah YES! and the champion flaunts her prizes to the crowd!! A glorious victory indeed!!!!!!

Joking aside, you need to go here ; ) Click here to see when the next bake sale is or just get your butt over to:

306 E.53rd St.

Austin, TX 78751


Miss Louie