Rainy days can be such a drag… But a cute outfit can always brighten the spirits! Here are three of my favorite rainy day outfits that I hope you love too.

Outfit #1:

Rainy Day Outfits Dress and Burberry Rainboots

When the rainy weather is not too cold, I really like mixing my summer dresses with my heavier coats. I get to extend the use of my summer dresses, and the thick coat material provides a nice contrast to the flowy material. It gives your dresses a totally new look! Finish off the look with your favorite pair of rain boots.

RAINBOOTS: I found these Burberry rain boots on sale at Nordstrom Rack for only $90! It was a great steal, but $90 can still be pretty pricey for boots. I suggest these cute black and white plaid ones for $40 or these charcoal and red plaid ones for $65. If I had all the money in the world, I would get these amazing Valentino lace rain boots.

COAT: I bought this in October at H&M for about $60. It was a size 2 and it fit me perfectly! It’s hard to find a coat that is not too bulky. The toggle buttons have a very “Burberry”-esque look to them. I really want to invest in another coat like this in a lighter, tan color like this one, but the weather down south never gets cold long enough! If you’re looking for one similar than mine that won’t break the bank, might I suggest this one.

DRESS: I found this dress at Forever 21 two years ago. It’s one of my favorite dresses because it’s SO comfy and versatile. You can find a similar one here for less than $15.

JEWELRY: The red jeweled necklace, lace earrings, and leather gold buckled bracelet are all from Glint & Gleam. You can purchase them here.

Rainy Day Outfits Dress and Burberry Rainboots

Outfit #2:


Chambray Shirt Denim with Denim

I’m so mad that I forgot to take better pics for this outfit! Anyway, this is my favorite denim on denim look. The light chambray looks great with dark charcoal skinnies, and you can also avoid looking like this at the same time.

CHAMBRAY SHIRT: I bought this one at J Crew for about $80. I was REALLY hesitant to buy it, since it was a lot for a shirt, but I have never been so happy with a purchase! Chambray is so versatile and classic, and it’s been a really hot trend lately. Make sure to find one that fits you well and tapers in the waist.

JEANS: I bought at the 7 for All Mankind outlet store for $50. Definitely comb your local Nordstrom Rack for great 7 jean steals. Here is a great pair of 7’s for only $99!

BOOTS: These are some Aldo’s that I found at Nordstrom. I saw them. The lights dimmed. The choirs sang. And then I fainted. haha! Not really, but seriously I pulled these on and it was a done deal. Perfect camel color, slim fit, comfy toe box, and perfect stacked heel. Love em!!!

BOOT SOCKS: This was a DIY project! Click here to watch how I made them! (^.^)

JEWELRY: The teal bauble necklace, chain link bracelet, and gold leaf earrings are all from Glint & Gleam. You can purchase them here.

Outfit  #3:

Rainy Day Outfits Denim Shorts and black Leggings

I love this second outfit so much because it’s super comfy, and you get to mix a lot of different elements together like a military type jacket and slouchy boots. Again, I’m able to mix in summer pieces with fall/winter ones, further extending their wear.

JACKET & SHORTS: I bought this at an Abercrombie & Fitch outlet store for $25! I really love their winter coats because they are lined really well and last a long time. I suggest to buy them in an off season, so that you get the best price possible. The shorts are also from Abercrombie & Fitch.

BOOTS & LEGGINGS: I bought these at Target for only $30. SUPER COMFY and totally adorable. These have been my favorite boots this season. The leggings were just basic ol’ cotton leggings from Target

SHIRT: This red polka dot shirt is from Forever 21’s Heritage line and only cost me $8. I’m a sucker for polka dots, so I also bought it in white and black.

JEWELRY: The black and gold square earrings, antique green and gold bracelet, and hematite bracelet are all from Glint & Gleam. You can purchase them here.

Rainy Day Outfits Denim Shorts and Black Leggings

Hope you all like these looks! Keep dry out there! XOXO

Miss Louie