BlogShop Austin Designlovefest Bri Emery Angela Kohler

this past weekend was definitely one of the coolest freaking weekends of my life. i was so excited, nervous, anxious for blogshop, but the moment i got there… it was nonstop fun. bri emery from designlovefest and photographer/director angela kohler were incredible teachers. they made sure no one was straggling, and they taught us their amazing photoshop secrets in the most concise, simple way. creativity was surging through my brain the entire time. the ladies were also so hilarious. it was an exhilarating time.

blog blogshop designlovefest bri emery angela kohler smilebooth

i learned awesome mad photoshop skills like how to make animated gifs… check out this little gem here:

and here is a video featuring my Blogshop day 1 outfit and all of the lovely gifts i scored in my delightful goody bag.

Miss Louie