lioele korean beauty cheek blush highlighterif you haven’t been sucked into the asian cosmetic industry yet, boy, have you been missing out! lioele is one of my favorite korean cosmetic/beauty brands because they manage to create high quality products without sacrificing on the cute packaging. i’ve been using lioele korean beauty products for some time now, and i wanted to share some of my favorite goodies with you!

first up is the 3D jewel cheek & highlighter below. this dynamic duo is a great space saver and multi-tasker. when you open the top compact, you will see a beautiful mosaic of color. these “tiles” combined will help color correct skin and provide a multi-dimensional shimmer to your face. the pearls beneath the compact provide a cool toned pink color when swirled together. color + highlighter combined into one cute package. genious.

lioele korean beauty cheek blush highlightermy next fav is my collection of  lioele shimmering jewel eyeliners. the metallic gold and silver is SO much fun to wear on a night on the town, and they can be easily smudged to achieve a messy glitter effect. i also love rimming the inner corners of my eyes with them. the bronze, khaki, and navy colors are great if you want to incorporate more color to your eye makeup routine without looking overdone. the colors are rich, nicely pigmented, and easy to apply.

lioele korean beauty cosmetics eyeliner lioele korean beauty cosmetics eyeliner this next product is my absolute favorite. i think i’m a lifer on this one. it’s the lioele fresh dewy mist pore mist, and it should be named the miracle worker. like a veil of magic, it sets my makeup into a perfect hydrated, natural look. this mist is great for oily, large pored skin like mine, and the mist is SUPER fine, so don’t worry about having a storm hit your face. it hydrates yet controls oil at the same time. this is anything but amazing.lioele korean beauty cosmetics face mist

last but not least, i really love the dollish liquid eyeliner and up & down mascara duo. the mascara is so cool because one side is for your top lash line and the other is specially made for your delicate bottom set. the inky liquid liner has great color payoff and a nice portable size.lioele korean beauty cosmetics eyeliner

hope you all enjoyed my review. if you would like to purchase any lioele products, make sure to go here and use coupon code: missejlouie to save 15% on your purchase! xoxo

Miss Louie