bridesmaid invitationswe still have over a year to go for the wedding, but we have at least picked a venue and our bridal party! i wanted to share the bridesmaid invites i made for my girls with you all. i was vigorously pinning one day and stumbled upon this lovely post & this lovely post. i basically used it as a guide for mine i loved it so much!

bridesmaid invitationsfirst thing i did was buy these unpainted wooden boxes at michael’s for about $2 a piece. i used scotch blue painter’s tape to cover all of the gold hardware, and then I sprayed 1 coat of plain white spray paint all over them. in hindsight, i totally wish i bought a larger box to accommodate the size of the paper invites, so… think about that before you buy yours!

bridesmaid invitationsfor the actual invites, i bought some heavy textured white paper stock from michael’s, and then created a photoshop project consisting of four rectangles of varied lengths. each square was one “page” in my invite, and i had four: from the bride, our wedding day, your role, and my girls. from the bride was the front page, and it had a picture of me and the bridesmaid, and then had the question “will you be my Bridesmaid?” on it. our wedding day page held details of the wedding such as the date, place, time. the your role page explained what the girls were responsible for in a sentimental way, and the my girls page had everyone’s phone number listed. took me awhile to get the sizing right, but after a few attempts on crappy paper, i was able to align it perfectly with the titles.

bridesmaid invitationsfor the gifts in the box, i put in a few “inspiration” items to show the girls the vibe i was going for for the wedding. i included a gold twistband, some baby pink nail polish, a pair of dainty gold earrings, a wishbone gold bracelet, and a pack of color chips in the wedding color scheme. i finished off the package with a stem of silk peachy hydrangeas.

bridesmaid invitationsanyway, it was totally fun to make these, and i hope you all get some inspiration from my boxes.


Miss Louie