Hi Everyone!

i wanted to share a collaboration video i did with Sevenly & Stand for the Silent. Stand for the Silent is an anti-bullying program that addresses the issue of school bullying with an engaging, factual, and emotional methodology. with the help of student leaders, children are shown first-hand the life and death consequences of bullying. through this unique approach, lives are changed for the better. students, some for the first time, develop an empathetic awareness through education and understanding.

i was bullied a lot growing up because of my feet. i was born with 6 toes on each foot, and i was called a freak by my peers. i remember how humiliating and painful it was- that’s why it means SO much to me that i can help support other bullying victims going through the same struggle.

how can you help? Sevenly is a lifestyle brand that raises funds and awareness for a different charity every week. from aug 12 – aug 19th 12pm, you can purchase any item off and sevenly will donate $7/per item to the stand for the silent. if you don’t want to purchase anything, no worries! just spread the word about the cause :) any help is appreciated!

thank you all for your support and watching my videos. i send you all my love XOXO Erica

watch my story here:

sevenly stand for the silent fashion bullyingsevenly stand for the silent fashion bullying

Miss Louie