Macaron Madness

macaron laduree french picture dessert tea cutei don’t know about y’all, but nothing makes me happier than a hot cup of tea and a plate full of bright, delectable macarons. the subtle crunch of the outer crust…. the chewy cookie innards… the rich creamy filling… *dramatically faints onto the nearest chaise lounge*

to honor my favorite tiny, yet BOLD sweet treat, here is a fun summer themed collage that i hope you enjoy :)
macaron inspired outfits color anthropologie summer bag skateboard chevron mint pastel

(1) colorful hat / (2) lipstick trio / (3) blue shades / (4) pastel skateboard / (5) mint retro swimsuit / (6)  jelly flats / (7) pink saddle bag / (8) aqua water bottle / (9) yellow iPhone case / (10) chevron fan / (11) polkadot scarf

anyway, i am so excited to be able to incorporate one of my favorite desserts of all time into my wedding this summer. i will be giving out macarons made by an amazing bakery in town called la patisserie as my wedding favors! i’m still debating on the flavors and decorations. i’m currently leaning towards rose with gold sprinkles/dust (my fav) and their amazing espresso (jeremy’s fav).

if you were a macaron, what flavor would you be?

girl eating macarons laduree french

Miss Louie