in honor of chinese new year, i decided to bring my mom in to teach y’all how to make FRIED RICE!! it seems like the simplest of dishes, but it is actually very difficult to replicate restaurant quality fried rice at home if you don’t know what you’re doing. the key, young grasshopper, is to use OLD, LEFTOVER, CRUSTY RICE. yep, you heard me right.

fresh rice will reap you a bowl of mushy mess. rely on the soy sauce and oil to bring back the moisture to the rice. next key tip is to use chopsticks or a thin spatula to “lift” the rice as you mix and cook. this will help you keep a “separated” grain and avoid big clumps of mush balls.

lastly, focus on cooking your ingredients s e p a r a t e l y and only add soy sauce to the rice. this will help with the moisture problem a lot of newbies encounter. by adding all of the cooked items at the end, you can really taste the different flavors harmonizing together vs. throwing everything in a pan and dousing it with soy sauce.

get creative and try out different combinations. the best part about this dish is that you can really maximize those leftovers. i love bringing home leftover steak because you can make an entire meal out of it by just adding mushrooms, broccoli, eggs & rice! comment and let me know what your favorite ingredients are :) good luck and ENJOY THE VIDEO!!

Miss Louie