Hi BUJO FAM!!! I am back and ready for another year of bullet journaling exploration! I am thrilled to return to our monthly bullet journal updates AND monthly G I V E A W A Y S!!! For February, I went with a hearts and flowers theme to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I had a huge help from Peggy Dean’s book Botanical Line Drawing, and I HIGHLY suggest it for you beginner artists out there. She breaks down complicated florals into an easy 6 step process. I have zero visual arts experience, and I feel so empowered with this book!

For my setup, I focused on wide open spaces. HUGE shoutout to penpapersoul and Paperkumaco for the inspiration and sticker decor!!! I really needed a lot of writing space in my monthly spread calendar days, so I skipped the traditional bullet journal list method and drew the whole calendar across my 2 page spread. Then for my weekly spread, I did a four box daily layout with sidebars for weekly appointments and goals (I accidentally wrote the last three days of January in my January section instead of carrying them over into my February monthly so that’s why it’s only a half week, doh!) The thing I do love most about my weekly spread though is the hand drawn elements. Seriously, I told myself to stop being so nit picky about straight ruler traced lines because hand drawn boxes are SO CUTE and EASY! Lastly, the Paperkumaco coffee sticker flake in the bottom corner was the perfect cherry on top.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and hanging out!! If you are new, WELCOME! Be sure to check out my entire YouTube bullet journal playlist down below. LOVE YOU!! xoxo -E

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