Hi Fashionistas! I am SO EXCITED to be partnering with Etsy on PART 2 of our spring collaboration! In PART 1, I created several “spring cleaning” themed bullet journal spreads for my bujo friends, and today I will be featuring some of my newest fashion accessories that you can find on I placed my first Etsy order in college for a pair of wooden earrings in… 2009!!!! That is how long I’ve been shopping Etsy for fashion inspiration. In today’s post, I have my FAVORITE new statement earrings from BenuMade, some gorgeously crafted leather and rattan bags from Portland Leather and StArmandsDesigns and jewelry from Austin based Son of a Sailor with the chicest jewelry holders from ClaylandTreasures and CraftMonkees.

I love Etsy because you can find pretty much shop everything from arts & crafts, decor, clothes, jewelry, candles…. literally anything! The best part is that you are supporting small businesses since each artist is unique and it’s like you are buying from their digital online storefront. I can buy my art supplies for bullet journaling, my throw pillows and my handbags all in one spot. I hope you guys enjoy my favorite fashion accessory picks of the season! xoxo -E

[shop-title style=1 text=”SPRING STATEMENT EARRINGS +  RATTAN BAG”]

My top two Etsy accessory essentials this spring are without a doubt my statement earrings from BenuMade and a straw rattan bag from StArmandsDesigns.

The statement earrings by BenuMade are seriously MAGIC you guys! Oversized, glitzy, unique and playful, their earrings are like little pairings of art. I could rave about their adorable designs all day, but the BEST part about their jewelry is that they are made with foiled leather instead of metal. They literally feel WEIGHTLESS! You get so much graphic appeal with just a fraction of the weight. I am so sensitive to certain metals and heavy earrings give me headaches, so BenuMade is a match made in heaven for me. I could wear this brand forever! Right now my collection consists of the oversized coned circles, the best selling organic leaf shapes and the quirky fun red manicured hands. Shop their other designs here:

Rattan bags were all over last season and they are still going STRONG. If you are looking for an adorable statement minibag that will take you from Spring to Fall, then look no further than the rattan crossbody bag. From my research, Etsy by far has the best collection of artisanal rattan and straw bags from around the world. This St Armand circular bag is one of the most popular shapes, but there are many more to discover on Etsy! My collection is quite embarrassingly large, but I just cannot resist the rustic handmade charm these bags bring to any outfit. Shop my bag along with other rattan baggies here:

Oh! And St Armand also makes gorgeous statement earrings too ;)


[shop-title style=1 text=”THE EVERYDAY TOTE”]
Now if tiny bags are not your thing, then a reliable tote bag is going to be your best friend. My idea of the perfect tote is one that is roomy enough to fit your life on-the-go, durable to withstand a beating and simple enough to match with everything. With these requirements in mind, I have found a wonderful shop called Portland Leather! Handcrafted and made to order, these totes are made with so much love! The quality of the leather is fantastic – the body and straps are very thick, yet flexible. I seriously could not believe the variety of combinations you can create with just one shop. They have multiple size and color options, PLUS zipper closure add ons. Mix and match your favorite features and create your perfect tote companion. I can’t wait to wear my totes in and get them buttery soft. Shop their fantastic shop here:

Right now there is a killer 50% off sale, so I picked up three different styles. I have the MEDIUM Zipper Deluxe in Saddle/Tan Strap, the LARGE Classic Standard in Cinnamon/Brown Strap and the OVERSIZED Zipper Deluxe in Black/Tan Strap. Classic means the tote is open with no closures and Deluxe includes an outside pocket.

[shop-title style=1 text=”PLAYFUL RING CONES + BAUBLES”]
Lastly, I wanted to share a few old time favorites!

To store my delicate everyday jewelry, I adore my CraftMonkees & ClaylandTreasures cone shaped ring holders. Even though I found these cute storage friends from two different Etsy shops, they go together like a little family unit! The marble is so elegant and minimal, and the blue dipped ceramic glazed cones add a touch of spring pastel. I love reaching for these every morning when I stack my rings on my fingers. Shop both shops here:

And if you guys are into jewelry and homewares with a modern southwest flair, y’all have to check out the Austin based Etsy shop Son of a Sailor! My friends and I have been buying and gift swapping items from this shop for years now, and I think their style is a great way to get some pops of playful color in your life. My turquoise and raw brass Irena bracelet can stand on its own, but also pairs beautifully with my everyday gold rings and other beaded bracelets. From delicate bracelets to cute key fobs, I can’t help but smile every time I visit their shop. See my current favorites here!:

Huge thank you to Etsy for partnering with me on this two part collaboration!

Miss Louie