7 Work Fashion Tips for Spring and Summer

Hi boss babes!!! Spring to summer transition is right around the corner, and I wanted to share some of my favorite tips on how to stay comfortable, yet stylish at work! Jeremy and I lived in Austin for ten years, and I remember how hard it was to pick an outfit that kept me cool throughout the day. Between the morning chill, the blasting office AC and the scorching midday sun – it can be a battle! In this video, I talk through my top 7 tips on how to adjust your work wardrobe for the hot season. These are meant to be super easy and practical ideas, so I hope you find them helpful!! Love you guys to bits and have a fabulous week! Be sure to WATCH Part 2: Spring Summer Work OUTFITS of THE WEEK if you haven’t seen the follow up lookbook!

Below you will find links to all the featured items in the video along with some of my classic faves and new discoveries. PLEASE NOTE: some of the images are pulling HELLA SMALL in these carousels. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!!


The fastest, easiest thing you can do today is pick out items in your closet that are made up of breathable, lightweight fabrics. My top four fabric faves are cotton, linen, rayon and silk. The lightweight, open weave nature of these fabrics allow body moisture to escape freely vs a fabric like polyester that tends to trap moisture like a greenhouse. There are performance fabrics out there that are probably good too, but I find that these four are easy to find and more on the natural side. If you can suit up head to toe in any of these fab four fabrics, GREAT! But if you had to choose a place to start, I like prioritizing blouses and tops because armpits are always the first to go when it gets hot outside. Find yourself a good deodorant and make sure you let it fully dry on your pits before you button up. Simply switching to a 100% cotton tee or a relaxed rayonn blouse can make all the difference!

[shop-title style=1 text=”Cotton”]

– Sezane Red Floral shirt [Size 2, $105]
– Navy Suit Pants [Size 2, $29] & in Linen
– Black Cotton Tee [XXS, $16]

Everlane Relaxed Soft Cotton Shirt [$68]

Everlane Relaxed Poplin Shirt [$65]
Uniqlo Soft Cotton Short-Sleeve Shirt [$19]
Everlane Soft Cotton Popover Shirt [$75]
Everlane Japanese Oxford Square Shirt [$68] 

[shop-title style=1 text=”Linen”]

– BP V-Neck Linen Button Cami [Size XXS, $35]
– Everlane Linen Scoopneck Tee [Size $18]
– BP Linen Striped Blazer (similar) [$65]  & a more premium one [$99] & a FP oversized version [$168]
– Everlane High waisted blue skinny jeans [24, $68]

Everlane Linen Notch Short-Sleeve Shirt [$68]

Everlane Linen Relaxed Shirt [$58]
Everlane Linen Oversized Collarless Shirt [$65]

Uniqlo Premium Linen Sleeveless Shirt [$19]
Uniqlo Premium Linen Long-Sleeve Shirt [$29]
Uniqlo Linen Blended Short-Sleeve Shirt [$19]
Uniqlo Premium Linen Checked Long-Sleeve Shirt [$29]
Uniqlo Linen Blended ¾ Sleeve Shirt [$29]
Uniqlo Linen Blended Sleeveless Shirt [$19] 

Everlane Linen Sleeveless Shirt Dress [$75]

[shop-title style=1 text=”Rayon”]

Express Side Striped High Waisted Trousers [Size 00, $88]

Uniqlo Rayon Short Sleeve Blouse [$14]
Uniqlo Rayon Sleeveless Blouse [$14]
Uniqlo Rayon Long Sleeve Blouse [$19]  OR additional option OR additional option 


[shop-title style=1 text=”Silk”]

Everlane Relaxed Silk Shirt [00, $88]
Everlane Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt [00, $88]
Equipment Slim Signature Silk Shirt [XXS, $128-214]  & Short sleeve


Everlane Silk Notch Collar Short-Sleeve Shirt [$88]
Everlane Relaxed Silk Shirt [$88]
Everlane Piped Silk Notch Collar Shirt [$98]
Everlane Silk Long-Sleeve Blouse [$88]
Everlane Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt [$88]
Everlane Silk Two-Pocket Shirt [$95]
Everlane Double-Lined Silk V-Neck Cami [$65]
Everlane Relaxed Silk Sleeveless [$65]
Everlane Silk Sleeveless Square Shirt [$68]
Everlane Slim Silk Shirt [$78]
Everlane Silk Shell [$65]
Everlane Silk Tank [$58]
Everlane Piped Silk Pocket Shirt [$98]
Everlane Silk Long-Sleeve Blouse [$88] 

[shop-title style=1 text=”Deodorants”]

Native (Non Aluminum) Natural Stick [$24]
Mitchum (Aluminum) Non Natural Stick [$5]
Dove Spray [$5]


Find your favorite tops in short sleeve and sleeveless versions! Stores will oftentimes release their key items in lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves for the spring and summer season. For example, my favorite Uniqlo rayon button down shirts come in long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless versions. From blouses to sweaters, it’s great to have a warm weather set of tops you can rely on.

[shop-title style=1 text=”Short sleeve”]

Express Ribbed V-Neck Sweater [XS, $29]

Uniqlo Drapey Blouse [XS, $19]
Everlane Silk Short Sleeve [$88]
– Uniqlo Rayon Short Sleeve Shirt [XS, $14]  & in Cotton [XS, $19]
– Uniqlo Short Sleeve Sweater [$14]  & another option [$19]

Express Tie Waist Rolled Sleeve Blouse [$39]
Express V-Neck Gramercy Tee [$39]
Uniqlo Linen Blended Short-Sleeve Blouse [$19]
Everlane Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt [$88]
Uniqlo Drape Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Blouse [$19]
Express Elbow Sleeve Ribbed Pullover Sweater [$29]
Uniqlo Soft Cotton Short-Sleeve Shirt [$19]
Uniqlo Supima Cotton UV Cut Ribbed Crew Neck Half-Sleeve Sweater [$19]
Uniqlo 3D Cotton Crewneck Short-Sleeve Sweater [$19] 


[shop-title style=1 text=”Sleeveless”]

Uniqlo Supima Cotton UV Cut Ribbed Sleeveless [$19]
Target Sleeveless Ruffle Button-Up Blouse [$24]
Everlane Relaxed Silk Sleeveless [$65]
Uniqlo Rayon Sleeveless Blouse [$14]
Uniqlo Lace Sleeveless T-Shirt [$14]
Everlane Silk Shell [$65]
Uniqlo Drape V-Neck Sleeveless Blouse [$19]
Target Sleeveless Button-Back Tank Top [$22]
Uniqlo Premium Linen Sleeveless Shirt [$19]
Uniqlo Linen Blended Sleeveless Blouse [$19]
Everlane Relaxed Silk Sleeveless [$65]
Everlane Silk Sleeveless Square Shirt [$68]
Express Snap Detail Ribbed Sleeveless Sweater [$49] 



If you are going to layer up for the office, you might as well wear the lightest possible piece of clothing for your base layer. My favorite combo is layering a cardigan, trench or blazer over a lightweight cami. You can throw on a thick piece of outerwear depending on your AC level at work, then rock the cami by itself for drinks after work.

[shop-title style=1 text=”Camis/Tanks”]

BP Linen Button Cami [$35]
Uniqlo Airism Built in bra Cami (LOVE AIRISM LINE!!) [XS, $15]

Cami Dress (Similar super cute options!)

+ Afforable $25 cami dress
+ Straight Neckline Cami Dress [$88]
+ Slip Dress [$88]
+ Wrap Dress [$100] & Shorter length

Goodnight Macaroon Aiko Cardigan [$55]
Uniqlo Linen Cardigan [$29]

Everlane Air Cotton Cami [$22]
Everlane Double-Lined Silk V-Neck Cami [$65]

Everlane Double-Lined Silk V-Neck Tank [$70]
Uniqlo Drape Camisole [$14]
Express Piped Zip Front Tank [$39]
Express Downtown Cami [$39]
Express Textured Dot Downtown Cami [$39]
Express Striped Downtown Cami [$49] 

[shop-title style=1 text=”Cardigan”]

Uniqlo UV Cut Dolman Sleeve Long Cardigan [$29]
Uniqlo Light V-Neck Cardigan [$19]
Uniqlo Linen Blend Lacy Cardigan [$29]
Uniqlo Linen Blend Cardigan [$29]
Shopbop Nevada Cardigan [$110]
Halogen Long Linen Blend Cardigan [$68]  OR addtional option [$40]
Caslon Textured Cardigan [$59]
Halogen Lightweight Tie Sleeve Cardigan [$69]
Caslon Off-Duty Rib Trim Long Thumbhole Cardigan [$69]
Hinge Texture Stitch Cardigan [$47]
Trouvé Open Front Cardigan [$79]



My favorite pant styles for the hot weather are high waisted wide leg trousers, cropped pants and paperbag tie belt pants. Wide leg pants allow airflow and ventilation while cropped hem options give you more skin exposure and visibility to your cute shoes! Lastly, paperbag pants are a personal favorite of mine :) The bow detailing is super cute for summer and the nipped waist and tapered legs are ultra flattering.

ASOS Woven Peg Pants with Obi Tie Belt in: Baby BlueBlush, Khaki, Black and Navy

Striped Wide Leg (old express, newer options)

Topshop Wide Leg Crop Pants [2, $60]  & in more colors [$55]

Everlane Wide Leg Cropped Pants [00, $68]

[shop-title style=1 text=”Wide Leg/Cropped”]

Target Wide Leg Tailored Crop Trouser [$32]
Uniqlo Belted Linen Cotton Wide Pants [$29] and patterned version 
H&M Wide-leg Pants [$49]
Uniqlo Jersey Flare Pants [$19]
Target Wide Leg Paperbag Crop Pants [$32]
H&M Pants Loose fit [$34]
H&M Wide-leg Pants [$59]
H&M Wide-leg Cotton Pants [$39]
H&M Wide-leg Pants [$59]
H&M Pants [$49]
H&M Wide-cut Lyocell-blend Pants [$54]
Express High Waisted Knot Cropped Pant [$79]
Express High Waisted Belted Wide Leg Pant [$88]


[shop-title style=1 text=”Linen”]

Uniqlo Cotton Linen Relaxed Pants [$29] OR additional option 

[shop-title style=1 text=”Paperbag + Sash Tie”]

H&M Paper-bag Pants [$34]  OR additional option 
H&M Ankle-length Pants [$34]
H&M Pants with Tie Belt [$59]
Express High Waisted Sash Waist Ankle Pant [$69]
Express Mid Rise Jersey Sash Pant [$59]
Express Striped Linen-Blend Sash Waist Ankle Pant [$69]
H&M Wide-leg Pants [$39]
H&M Paper-bag Pants [$24]
ASOS Petite Woven Peg Pants with Obi Tie [$32]



Trade your pencil skirts for a easy, breezy A-line skirt. Hot temperatures are sure to build up between your restricted thighs, so a flared skirt can help air things out down there ;) Look for airy fabrics like a chiffon pleated midi skirt to up the comfort factor.


H&M Anna Glover floral skirt [2, $49]

Uniqlo Chiffon Pleated Midi skirt (similar) [$19]  & in more colors


Uniqlo Circular Skirts [$29] OR additional option OR additional option  
Uniqlo Circular Skirt [$19]
Uniqlo High-Waist Chiffon Pleated Skirt [$19] OR additional option 
Target Striped Flowy Asymmetric Midi Skirt [$29]
Target Women’s Tie Front Midi Skirt [$29]
Target Women’s Belted Midi Skirt [$32]
H&M Striped Skirt [$34]
H&M Pleated Skirt [$39]
H&M Calf-length Skirt [$54]
H&M Pleated Wrap-Front Skirt [$54]
H&M Pleated Skirt [$49]
H&M Flounced Skirt [$34]
Express Mixed Pattern Sash Tie Waist Midi Skirt [$79]
Express Eyelet Full Cotton Midi Skirt [$79]
Boden Floaty Polka Dot Midi Skirt [$125]
ASOS Tailored Linen Prom Skirt [$45]
ASOS Stradivarius Plisse Midi Skirt [$57] 


Tired of cardigans and blazers? A personal seasonal favorite of mine is a flowy trench! So whispy, yet super stylish, this piece of outerwear can add instant street style cool to any of your favorite work outfits. It gives you full coverage since it’s long sleeved and longer in length, but doesn’t feel stuffy. Also, a lot of the flowy trenches released during this season are already lightweight and meant for the hotter weather!


Express Soft Drape Trench Coat [$148] 

Trouvé Ruffle Drape Front Belted Duster Jacket [$89]

SheIn Olive Trench (old SheIn, similar) [$21] & Shorter length & Vest


SheIn  Drape Collar Roll Tab Sleeve Coat [$23]
SheIn  Draped Neck Tie Waist Long Sleeve Outerwear [$26]
SheIn Army Green Lapel Tie Long Sleeve Outerwear [$21]
H&M Trenchcoat [$99]
H&M Short Lyocell Trenchcoat [$39]
Target Puff Sleeve Trench Coat [$49]
Target Long Sleeve Wrap Blazer [$39]
Leith Soft Open Trench Coat [$59]
F21 Draped Trench Coat [$39]


A stylish alternative to your everyday heels is a slingback shoe! I’m a firm believer that closed toe shoes are always the best way option in a professional office, so why not switch things up with a sexy ass heel? Show off a little skin with a strappy slingback that keeps things appropriate while visually elongating your legs with the exposed heel.


Halogen Slingback Pump [$89]
Everlane Editor Slingback [$155]
Everlane V Slingback [$145]


Renée Slingback Pump [$89]
Sam Edelman Raya Slingback Flats [$100]
Sam Edelman Sudlow Slingback Pumps [$110]
Vaneli Slingback Pumps [$149]
Sam Adleman Hastings Slingback Pump [$119]
Lewit Viola Pump [$146]
Nordstrom Jasilen Slingback Pump [$98]
J.Crew Slingback Bow Pump [$128]
Calvin Klein Slingback Pump [$75]
Nordstrom Josie Slingback Pump [$130]
Nordstrom Genuine Calf Hair Slingback Pump [$139]
Nordstrom Amy Slingback Pump [$99]
Topshop Block Heel Slingback Pump [$100]
Nordstrom Cyndi Slingback Pump [$119] 

Miss Louie