VELVET LUXE & Holiday Gifting with eBay

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Hey guys! Today I’m partnering with eBay to bring you some fashion inspiration AND awesome ideas for your holiday gift list. My outfit today was inspired by this beautiful dress by Zara. I was going for a holiday party boho glam look, and the velvet floral fabric gave me the elegant vintage vibes I was looking for. (Side note: If you are a Zara fan, there are so many great Zara finds on the site!) I also love the fluttery movement of the skirt and sleeves, and the wrap style is perfect for a comfortable evening out. I finished this ensemble with a cropped faux fur jacket for luxurious warmth, a pair of stacked heel booties and my Chloe nile mini bag. The accessories make the outfit lean towards laid-back bohemian versus dressy evening wear. I really love how everything turned out!

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eBay is a treasure trove of gift ideas because there are so many categories you can chose from. I’ve been shopping eBay since college, and have always appreciated the ability to shop for great deals on big brands and also buy specific things that are difficult to find. For example, I am currently looking for an out of season YSL Sac du Jour bag, and low and behold I came across this baby that is in new condition and almost 50% off! *Adds to cart* There are pre-owned items at various condition levels on the site, but over 80% of is new and available instantly with the “Buy It Now” option, so you can skip the hassle of bidding and waiting. Also, 69% of the site ships for free, making online shopping a lot easier when buying multiple gifts for different people. I’ve picked out my favorite fashion gift ideas on the site for you down below including Fashion Gifts and Cozy at Home Gifts. Thank you for stopping by today and happy shopping!


1. Aviators | 2. Crossbody Bag | 3. Gloves | 4. Pom Pom Beanie | 5. Scarf | 6. Teardrop Earrings | 7. Zip Wallet | 8. Fur Boots | 9. Oval Earrings | 10. Bangle | 11. Sneakers | 12. Sweater | 13. Necklace | 14. Studs | 15. Tote | 16. Watch | 17. Cape

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1. Clog Slipper | 2. Fluffy Flip Flops | 3. 2 Piece Pajama Set | 4. Silk Sleep Mask | 5. Pom Pom Bootie Slipper | 6. Robe | 7. Plaid Pillow | 8. Fur Slippers | 9. Throw | 10. Butter Supersoft Socks

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Thank you to eBay for partnering with me on this post & thank you all for supporting my work. -xoxo E

Miss Louie