Hey Guys! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Erica Louie and here is where I share my creative world, life and passions. Misslouie.com is an extension of my YouTube channel, so in addition to style inspiration, you will find beauty reviews, lifestyle tips, shopping guides and home decor tours.

I work hard to empower women to dress with confidence and ease in the office and in their personal lives. By building a foundation of versatile basics, my style content helps you create a timeless wardrobe that that can easily mingle with the trendier pieces over time. I create a stream of outfit ideas to help you on your journey to discover your own personal style. What drives me everyday is the ability to connect with so many incredible people across the world.


Originally, this blog was a way to distract myself from a bad relationship, but little did I know, I had found my true life calling. This passion eventually spread to YouTube where I started to create videos from my dorm room by stacking my accounting books into a tripod-like shape and balancing my white MacBook on top like a christmas tree angel. My blog was my outlet for thoughtful writing and my YouTube channel was the perfect outlet to express my personality. Unfortunately though, a girl’s gotta put food on the table, so I quickly jumped into a full time corporate desk job after graduation and decided to keep my YouTube life a night time and weekend hobby.

I always dreamed that my passion and career would intersect one day, so I never gave up. I worked my 9 to 5 job and filmed videos into the late hours of the night for five years. I remember those late nights so vividly… Even though no one was watching my videos back then, I L O V E D making them and knew one day it could open a different door for me. Late 2016 was the turning point for the Miss Louie channel, when I finally took the leap and put in my last few months of work. I am now SO blessed to be able to pursue my YouTube and blogging dreams full time.


I currently live in the Bay Area with my patient-loving-supportive-amazing husband, Jeremy, and my living teddy bear of a dog, Boba. We are super excited to be moving to our dream place, Colorado, later this year. I cannot wait to start fresh and welcome my 30s with so much self-love and clarity. I continue to work full time as a YouTuber and blogger, and I could not have asked God for a more beautiful life. Seriously, guys, letting God and the universe do its thing is the ultimate jam. My goal is to share, to learn and to grow as a person throughout this journey, never holding back and always staying true to myself. I will be forever humbled by the amount of love I’ve received from my YouTube family throughout the years. I thank God everyday for you and appreciate your support more than you know.

all my love, E