Hello, Beauties! Today I have a special collaboration with skincare powerhouse, COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD! After reading many amazing reviews about her skincare line, I was so honored to be able to try four of her best selling products. I literally fell in love with each item and can’t wait to share my experience with you in this post. Even better, I also have a special 20% off code for you guys for any full-priced item purchases: LOUIE20 (^.^)[shop-title style=2 text=”FEATURED PRODUCTS”]

1. Radiant Cleansing Balm  |  2. Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum  |  3. Sheer Renewal Cream  |  4. Face Oil N°9


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What I really love about Colleen as a person and entrepreneur is that she combines real life knowledge and expertise with a deep consideration for her customers. There’s a focus on nature and science working together. Her products exude luxury, while still remaining effortless and highly versatile. Each product that I discuss in today’s post targets multiple issues all in one bottle. It’s very overwhelming to select an individual product for each and every skincare concern you have, so I love that I can address several concerns with minimal steps. I can definitely tell that Colleen has her clients in mind during the creation process. This line has been some of the quickest absorbing products I have ever used. No weird residue. No lingering smell. My skin drinks it up, and I can move onto each step with ease. Luxury without the hassle. My skin is looking and feeling SO GOOD after several weeks of use. I am a hardcore fan now, no doubt. If you read all the 5 star reviews online, you will understand the cult following!

Lastly, I wanted to touch on my current skin type for better background. From my teens to now my late (late) 20s, I went from super oily to oily combination to combination sensitive, plus hyper pigmentation (yay!). As I get older, my skin is getting increasingly more sensitive to certain ingredients, brown spots are popping up on my cheeks, eczema patches will appear at random and the general hydration level has decreased. To be fair, some things could be contributed to my move from humid Texas to dryer California, but I know overall my skin is changing and I have to adapt. My main focuses for skincare have been: balanced hydration for combination skin with greasy T-zone/large pores, brightening for spot control/uneven skin tone and anti-aging everything.

I’m a beauty junkie to the core, so I hope you guys enjoy this post! Huge thank you to Colleen Rothschild for this opportunity! SCROLL DOWN for in depth reviews on each product or if you’re not sure where to start, check out the Discovery Collection!



[shop-title style=2 text=”RADIANT CLEANSING BALM”]
For anyone that has yet to try a cleansing balm, GIRL, IT WILL CHANGE YOU! Growing up, I would grab every oily type cleanser I could get my hands on. My grease slick T-zone was always a source of embarrassment, and I thought that the more I stripped the skin of oil, the more it would help. In reality, my skin was starving for hydration and I was always left with oily yet dry, crusted skin. Cleansing balms and oils have become a lifesaver for me because they rid my pores of decongestion while providing the hydration my skin is craving.

The Radiant Cleansing Balm has been the most luxurious product I’ve tried in this category and honey, I AM HERE FOR IT! Key ingredients include moringa oil for luminosity and black seed oil for antioxidant protection. It feels like I’m getting a special facial in my own home. It can be used in the AM as a hydrating cleanser or in the evenings to break down makeup and daily grime.

The consistency of the balm is rich and creamy. I take a generous blob in my hands, warm it up a bit between my fingers and then spread it directly onto my skin. It breaks down the dirt and makeup as I gently massage the balm across my face. I love that there is no eye stinging as it dissolves my mascara. It also comes with a muslin cloth that you can use damp for the final wipe off.

Finally, the BEST part about this product is the actual smell!!! It feels like an exotic bouquet of warm herbs and clove. It’s definitely my favorite part of the whole balm experience. After cleansing, my skin is hydrated and freshly cleansed for toning. A great addition to my cleanser collection, and I recommend to people of all skin types.


[shop-title style=2 text=”MANDELIC ACID RADIANCE SERUM”]
Serums are a MUST in my skincare regimen. They’re like daily supplements! Straddled between toning and moisturizing, I take this time to pat in my supercharged treatments that target my biggest areas of concern, one of them being uneven skin tone and texture.

The Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum immediately caught my eye because it addresses a multitude of issues surrounding cell turnover and contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs). I normally incorporate an AHA product in my weekly mask routine, so I was excited to find a product with a gentle daily dose. AHAs help combat dead skin cells stuck on the surface, so this helps fade dark spots, unclog stubborn pores and refinishes skin tone. We all want that glow up, am I right??

The serum itself is extremely gentle, fluid and light. I couldn’t believe that the mandelic acid and lactic acid didn’t cause red patches or itchiness like other AHA based products give me on the first few tries.

I put 1-2 pumps in my hand and pat this in an even layer on my face and neck after toning. I have deep necklace lines around my neck, so I’m hoping this serum helps soften those creases. The serum absorbs super quickly and even has salicylic acid to assist with breakouts!! Can’t believe that this has such powerful ingredients with no irritation. There is a slight fragrance, but nothing that aggravates or lingers. I just love this invisible layer of treatment before moisturizing, and I already see a noticeable difference in tone, smoothness and breakout reduction after a few weeks of use. It’s hard to find a serum that tackles so many issues in one. Exfoliation is crucial in the journey to brighter, even skin and this is an easy way to start (especially for my sensitive skin sisters out there!!).


[shop-title style=2 text=”SHEER RENEWAL CREAM”]
Next up, moisturizers! I have two options from Colleen today, both fabulous! For daily AM moisture, I’ve been using her award winning Sheer Renewal Cream. Two crucial words in the description of this product: OIL-FREE, baby! Especially for combination skin types like me, oil-free is key to keeping those pores happy and less clogged. This cream is literally weightless, making it ideal for everyday. It has a light powdery finish that my T-zone really appreciates. As with her other products, I was in shock at how fast the formula sunk into my skin. A lot of creams I’ve tried sit on top of skin for minutes before they feel fully penetrated, making makeup application uneven and greasy. This is not one of them!

I squeeze out a dime sized dollop and apply it to my face and neck in upward strokes. It melts into a breathable semi matte finish. On top of being a fantastic moisturizer by itself, I was happy to read that this also contains anti-aging ingredients focused on wrinkle reduction, environmental defense and cell turnover. Also, the smell is lovely!!! Lavender and sandalwood provide soothing aromatherapy as you prepare for your day.

[shop-title style=2 text=”FACE OIL N°9″]
Lastly, fam, is the Face Oil N°9 (love the name!) I started incorporating face oils into my skincare regimen about 2 years ago. In my early 20s I was unaware of the benefits of using face oils for hydration on oily combo skin. I thought, “why put more oil on oil?!” but when you find the right formula, face oil can be the most transformative product in your cabinet. Oils penetrate deep and instantly. They’re naturally chock full of nutrients and can actually regulate your oil production. I have tried dozens of formulas, and I can say that not all face oils are created equal. I have ultra sensitive skin and half of the ones I’ve tried either broke me out or sat on my face like a thick sheet. (In case you are wondering, I am highly allergic to the popular blue tansy based face oils)

Trying the Face Oil N°9 was like heaven! This formula contains nine transformative oils that provide an intense moisture boost, and it was the first oil to actually sink in and not feel heavy. N°9 contains jojoba, black seed,  moringa and marula oil along with Vitamins A & E and essential Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids. It smells similarly to the Sheer Renewal Cream with notes of lavender and sandalwood. Usually 1 pump does the trick for this bottle. I take the 1 pump of fluid oil, quickly warm it up between my hands and then gently pat it onto my face and neck, letting it sink directly into my skin. I normally have a little residue left on my hands, so I massage this into my décolletage. 


THANK YOU to Colleen Rothschild for this partnership opportunity and providing the Louie fam with a special promo code. It’s been a pleasure experiencing this product line, and I thank you all for supporting my dream! -xoxo E

Miss Louie