10 Basics to Start Your Work Wardrobe

Hey guys! I have been sitting on this video for over a year, and I am so happy to finally just PUT IT OUT THERE! I wanted to create this series to help anyone who is just starting out in their career or anyone that appreciates the good ol’ basics. When you are first starting out in the professional world, it can be so scary! I remember being like WTF am I supposed to wear and not look like a kid?? I’ve been wearing North Face fleeces with Nike shorts for 4 years, how do I transition?

I thought it would be helpful to break down each essential item and discuss the building blocks of how to create your own work wardrobe. I love cranking out idea after idea in my lookbooks, but I didn’t want you to feel like you had to collect an enormous pile of clothes to achieve a lot of looks. It all starts with a simple base, then pick and choose more items to add to your arsenal. Begin in introduce different patterns, textures and cuts and mix them into your basic foundational pieces. Take your time and have fun discovering your style! Thank you for hanging with me today, love you so much! xo -E

1 | White Button Down
2 | T-Shirt
3 | Sweater
4 | Cami
5 | Blouse
6 | Trouser
7 | Pencil Skirt
8 | Blazer
9 | Cardigan
10 | Dress


Blazers: here & here
Shirts: here & here
Trousers: Basic , Basic + trendy, Basic + Trendy
High Waisted Belt Trousers: here & here
Dresses: here & here
Blouses: here
Mix & Match Suits Under $100  & also here

[shop-title style=1 text=”MIX & MATCH SUIT SETS”]

[shop-title style=1 text=”BUTTON DOWN + BLOUSES + CAMIS”]

CAMI or non button down BLOUSE

Sleeveless + Short Sleeve Blouses

Long Sleeve Blouse

[shop-title style=1 text=”SWEATERS + T-SHIRTS”]

Short Sleeve T

Elbow Sleeve

Long Sleeve

[shop-title style=1 text=”TROUSERS”]

[shop-title style=1 text=”PENCIL SKIRTS”]

[shop-title style=1 text=”BLAZERS”]

[shop-title style=1 text=”CARDIGANS”]

[shop-title style=1 text=”DRESSES”]



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