Hi Fam!! Today I have a dream home decor collaboration with Urban Outfitters! Guys, I can’t even count the endless hours I have spent inside an Urban Outfitters store. In college at UT Austin, I lived right next door to the location off the drag, and I would scour the new arrivals on my way home from school practically every single day. From clothes to gifts to home goods, so much of my personal style discovery has been spent inside an UO. In today’s post, I revamped three of my most used living spaces with some fresh UO apartment finds. If you need a little lift in your daily routine, UO has the best affordable, unique pieces that will bring a smile to your face. Scroll down to read the full story, and I hope you enjoy my latest home decor refresh!

[shop-title style=2 text=”OUTFIT DETAILS”]

 Red Strapless Jumpsuit & Smocked version [Size XS] | Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top  [Size S] | Destroyed Jeans (similar, mom style) & straight leg version

[shop-title style=2 text=”FEATURED TODAY”]

Black & White Connected Stripe Rag Rug (also love this one too!) | White leather floor pouf | Brass Table or Metallic Stool (similar) | Rose Printed Fleece Throw Blanket | Beige Geo Tufted Tassel Pillow | Navy Magic Eye Velvet Pillow | Ivory Havana Textured Bolster Pillow | Cream Elyse Embroidered Lumbar Pillow | Blush Round Velvet Pillow | Furry Llama Pillow

Rose Quartz Crystals | P.F. Candle Co. Amber Jar Candle in Coconut Grove | Clear Modern Instax FrameCable Bite Animals | Sloth Mug | Female Form Mug in Sand | Striped Footed Mini Planter | Lab Flask VaseKitty Bud Vase | Brass Half Moon Planter | Tree Woven Basket (similar) | “CHILL” Wall Hook | Darby Half Circle Shelf | Macrame Rope Wall Hanging

[shop-title style=1 text=”BOHO LIVING ROOM REFRESH”]

First up, the living room! I’m a known pillow-fanatic, and I love switching my collection up for a new seasonal vibe. I love that you can completely transform a sofa and vibe of a room by just switching out a couple of pillows! Minimal investment for such a high impact. Since it’s still summertime, I wanted the couch to feel light, airy and bohemian. I picked a beige geo tufted tassel & navy magic eye velvet pillow first to anchor the outer sides of the arrangement, then layered in a textured bolster pillow, a pink velvet circle pillow and an adorable fluffy llama buddy. I liked how the traditional square shapes provide structure while the uniquely shaped pillows give character and an effortlessly cool vibe. I love to mix textures, shapes, colors and finishes to create my own custom look. In this grouping, I have velvet, tufting, tassels, fringe and knotted detailing all complimenting each other. There are SO MANY adorable options at UO, you really can’t go wrong. Here are some of my latest favorites:

[shop-title style=2 text=”PLUSH PILLOWS”]


Literally OBSESSED with this female form mug!!! I feel like such a super babe owning my empire when I sip my coffee from this mug. It’s cute as a drink cup or even a succulent planter. It has a speckled finish and comes in four different skin tones. YAS, QUEEN!! Also, LOVING the super popular Oversized Thermal Button Front top paired with my vintage jeans. Slouchy couch potato chic that will transition perfectly into fall.

We need to discuss this throw. It’s not a blanket, it’s the softest, coziest fleece cloud that ever existed!!! I’m normally not a big fan of fleece based snuggle throws, but this Amped Fleece Throw Blanket truly stole my heart. I can see myself burrito wrapping my body in it every day while I binge watch my favorite shows. I feel like this is one of the top gems on the site after reading all the 5 star reviews. The best part is that it comes in a multitude of fabulous solid colors, fringed versions AND prints!

[shop-title style=2 text=”COZY THROWS”]


Other cute trinkets you will see in these pics are the striped footed mini planter, the kitty cat bud vase and crescent moon brass planter. I am guilty of tchatchke hoarding, so if you are like me, Urban Outfitters has a nonstop rotation of adorable table vessels to house your loose bits & plant babies.

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[shop-title style=1 text=”THE CHILL CORNER”]

I have this awkward little corner of my studio area that is tucked away behind my sofa/desk area BUT has the best view of the sunset. Decorating this little corner gave it a sense of real purpose and zen. I call it my chill corner due to this cursive “chill” brass jewelry hanger that perfectly frames my thinking space. I laid down this minimalist, boho striped rug and placed a leather moroccan pouf on top as my foot ottoman. For back support, I threw this embroidered lumbar pillow onto my chair and added a vase for fresh florals onto my accent table. PS. I CAN’T HANDLE THE CUTENESS with this sloth mug!! Look at his sweet little face :D Anyway, love this nook so much. I can sit here and enjoy a book, 5 minute meditation or a killer view of the sunset.

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[shop-title style=2 text=”WALL DECOR”]


[shop-title style=2 text=”CANDLES & AROMATHERAPY”]


To fill your blank walls, Urban Outfitter’s shelving, jewelry organizer and wall decor pages are a must. As a boho babe, I love me a macrame masterpiece. I remember a few years ago when macrame was trending, prices for a large piece were SO EXPENSIVE! I love that you can now score amazing large scale hangings for under $40 like the long rope hanging I have hanging next to my chair. Opposite side of the corner, I have my cursive “chill” hanger that can hold a few necklaces for me while I am shooting plus a sculptural wooden wall shelf to display a few cute knick knacks like this amber coconut candle, rose quartz and modern instax frame.

[shop-title style=2 text=”CUTE SHELVING”]


[shop-title style=2 text=”BOOKS”]


[shop-title style=2 text=”MUG LOVE”]



[shop-title style=1 text=”THE CUTEST LITTLE HELPERS”]

As a YouTuber & Blogger, you would not BELIEVE the amount of cord monster tumbleweeds that I have lying around EVERYWHERE. I’m working on multiple laptops, mobile devices and camera chargers…. it’s so hard to organize and keep track. I find myself yanking cable after cable searching for the exact one I need.

Throughout all the madness, I’d like to introduce the cutest tech game changer: a Cable Bite Animal buddy!!! These little drops of cuteness are tough and effective. All you have to do is wrap the bodies around the cable head to secure them together. The animals reinforce your cords to prevent breakage, and I also find them useful for quickly identifying the ends of cables because I have several over 6 ft long! Nuzzled up to your tech devices, these little babies look like they are taking a mini bite! I literally think I’ll end up with every single animal when I’m done. Amazing for your home office space AND affordable gift ideas.

[shop-title style=2 text=”CABLE BITE ANIMALS”]


My little cable bite animal family charging up my laptops, iPads, earbuds and iPhone!

HUGE THANK YOU to Urban Outfitters for partnering with me on this post & thank you all for supporting my dream -xoxo E

Miss Louie