miss louie colleen rothschild skincare productsmiss louie colleen rothschild skincare products

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my Top 5 favorite Colleen Rothschild products. I was first introduced to her skincare line early this year, and my (almost 30) skin has been thoroughly enjoying the benefits. I have oily combination skin with occasional hormonal breakouts, so I always need a good balance of sebum control and deep hydration. I’ve noticed a drastic change in elasticity and sensitivity as I get older, so I look for multitasking products that can tame my natural skin type AND provide anti-aging benefits. One thing I love about Colleen’s line is that it’s streamlined, effective and simple. A lot of her products target several different skin issues in one bottle. Scroll down to see my Top 5 CR faves and also take advantage of the 30% off Black Friday sales going on right now! PS. The Discovery Set is a great place to start if you want to try several bestsellers at a killer discount!

colleen rothschild black friday sale

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I’m a tea lovin’ matcha chugging FREAK! I drink 2-3 cups of tea daily, and one of my favorite drinks to make is a warm almond milk matcha latte. Mmmmm! I love everything matcha flavored and tea infused, so I was thrilled to see this toner harness the power of matcha, Japanese green tea and Kombucha black tea. Teas are antioxidant powerhouses that can provide protective benefits inside and out. The formula does a great job keeping my skin feeling fresh, but never tight. The ingredients also contain French Algae for oil absorption, prebiotics for microflora balancing and fermented plankton for moisture. Also, how pretty is this toner?! The pale green solution is so beautiful to swish around every morning and night!

miss louie colleen rothschild skincare products


Imagine bathing your face in a silky veil of warm spices…. that is the sensation I feel when using this balm. I’ve been a huge fan of cleansing balms and oils the past few years. They’re amazing at breaking down full-faced makeup (even waterproof mascara!) and hydrating the skin while cleansing. Oil/Balm based cleansing is the FIRST thing I do in my night time routine, and the Radiant Cleansing Balm is my top luxury pick. A professional feeling face treatment right at home :)


This is my go-to serum for cleaning up skin imperfections. With mandelic, lactic and salicylic acid, it targets my acne, hyper pigmentation, texture and anti-aging concerns all in one go. Mandelic acid is an AHA, so it gently sloughs off the dead skin cells while promoting cell turnover. I especially love this serum during my hormonal breakout periods because it keeps my acne in check. Whether I’m fighting pimples or fine lines, daily gentle exfoliation is key to keeping your skin radiant and renewed. Lay down a thin layer under your moisturizer and let this baby be your clean up crew.

miss louie colleen rothschild skincare products


When I first got this cream, I was skeptical. I normally steer clear of anything with the word “cream” in fear of clogging my pores, HOWEVER, this baby was oil-free! Pore-friendly for the enormous craters that sprinkle my nose. This is one of my favorite lightweight moisturizers because it is SO fast absorbing and feels like a whisper of hydration on the skin. I like this cream for summer days or when I need a light daytime moisturizer. It’s so breathable and like Colleen describes, it’s a fantastic base under makeup. However, if my skin is parched from dehydration or cold weather, I also love to add a layer of the Extreme Recovery Cream at night to replenish deep in the

miss louie colleen rothschild skincare productsmiss louie colleen rothschild skincare products


This eye cream has got it all going on. It targets under eye puffiness (my main concern!), wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and loss of elasticity. Eye cream has always been a weak spot in my routine as I get so lazy by the time I get to moisturizing. I figure the moisturizer should be good enough, right? Well, as I’m quickly learning, all nighters and sleep deprivation will leave its signature all over your face as you get older. The eye area is so delicate and needs special treatment. This cream leaves my eyes hydrated and looking fresh even after a long night. This paired with a coat of facial moisturizer keeps me glowing!

miss louie colleen rothschild skincare products

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miss louie colleen rothschild skincare products


Right now, I am dealing with a typical aging sign, hyperpigmentation! I’ve been wanting to add an extra defensive product for combatting dark spots without complicating my daily routine. I’ve tried many different types of Vitamin C based products and this one so far has been my favorite. I like that I can incorporate it into my daytime routine and it’s a fast-vanishing, light gel-like consistency vs. a thick clear serum that takes forever to absorb. It is practically invisible under my moisturizer, so it’s not adding any bulk or unwanted texture under my makeup. I can’t wait to keep this product up and see if it can fade the spots that are popping up on my cheek bones.

miss louie colleen rothschild skincare products

Thank you to Colleen Rothschild for partnering with me on this post & thank you all for supporting my work. -xoxo E

Miss Louie