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Madewell has extended their 30% off + additional 10% off bonus sale for an extra day! Use code: YAYINTERNET at checkout, and it even works on their new arrivals. They were off my radar all weekend, so I thought I’d give it a quick look before sales closed at midnight. O.M.G. they have so many cute winter accessories and sweaters in the sale and everything is still well stocked! I literally just lost my hat in the city this weekend, so I picked up this thick cuffed beanie and slim ribbed beanie, both on sale for $23. I also bought 3 pairs of these high-rated marled trouser socks that I think will be adorable peeking out of the tops of your boots. Scroll down to see my favorite picks of the sale, both festive and basic, and I hope you are having a marvelous day! XO -Erica



{SWEATERS from left to right, top to bottom + sale prices} : Overbrook Fair Isle Mockneck Sweater [$59.53] | Mullen Pullover Sweater in plaid [$55.44] | Donegal Evercrest Turtleneck Sweater in pink or gray [$40.95] | Everett Rib-Play Pullover Sweater in red [$61.74] | Bobble Dashwood V-Neck Sweater in cream or purple [$59.85] | Striped Heath Pullover Sweater [$59.85] | Striped Westgate V-Neck Sweater [$47.25] | Heart Dot Balloon-Sleeve Pullover Sweater in gold or gray [$61.74] | Shrunken Pullover Sweater in Leopard [$80.64] | Donegal Mercer Turtleneck Sweater in gray [$61.74] | Brockton Bobble Sweater in purple, cider or B/W [$61.74] | Gladwell Balloon-Sleeve Pullover Sweater in pine [$61.74]

use code: YAYINTERNET for 30% off + additional 10% off

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