Favorite Blue Light Blocking Products

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Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my latest blue light blocking purchases that I’ve been loving! As our digital consumption grows (especially during quarantine), blue light protection has emerged as a trending topic in both health and beauty. Blue light can have damaging effects to the skin, eyes and quality of sleep.

Miss Louie

The majority of my days are spent sitting in front of a computer or iphone screen. I’m sure many of you feel me! My quality of sleep, headaches and eye sight have suffered greatly over the years, so I’m trying to fold in as many helpful products as I can to help improve my daily work life. On top of these items below, I also put my iphone display settings to extra warm night shift from sunset to sunrise. I’m thrilled to see the innovation around blue light filtration because as a society we are so dependent on our devices. Anything to help reduce long term damage is a win in my book. Hope you all are having a beautiful day out there! XO -E

QUAY & Amazon

Blue Light Glasses

$11 - $65
Probably the most popular and widely searched item right now is blue light blocking GLASSES! It's so easy to pop on a pair while you are working on your laptop, and there are great affordable to premium options that don't require a prescription. For a higher end favorite, I LOVE my Quay Jezabell aviator blue light glasses. They come in a several trendy color variations, and the oversized fit is perfect for my enormous face. They are lightweight and super chic! For more affordable options, I picked up two Amazon pairs under $15 for me and Jeremy. He keeps one at his desk and I keep one on the coffee table for when I am working on the couch. They are resilient, effective and also very cute! Amazon has amazing selections of blue light blocking glasses in many different styles.
iPhone & MacBook Pro

Blue Light Screen Protector

$13 - $56
I fell into an Instagram ad trap and bought the EyeJust iPhone screen protector on a whim because my last regular, clear screen protector was cracked. When I saw the video behind the technology, I was pretty impressed! After installation, I was thrilled to see that my phone's display colors look completely normal with no weird tint or cast. The tempered glass is seamless and smudge-proof, and I love that this creates a force field around the blue light source. If you don't like wearing glasses, this is a nice option! I loved my iPhone protector so much that I bought one for our older MacBook Pro and will probably pick one up for our iPad too. I am waiting patiently for them to release a 16" version for my editing computer. From now on, this will be the first accessory purchase for every new device! I added some more affordable options on Amazon for you to check out too.

Full Spectrum 360° Refreshing Water Mist

This SPF 18 water mist is alcohol-free, infused with aloe & coconut water and contains plant-derived Full Spectrum 360° Complex to defend against digital and environmental aggressors. I love this mist as a makeup setting spray, a mid day pick-me-up spritz or just over my AM skincare routine. I am so thrilled to FINALLY find a non-sticky, well-rounded spf/blue light spray. Even when you are indoors, the sun can still hit your face through the windows. I already use sunscreen in my daily routine, but this adds another layer of protection from blue light or when the efficacy of my morning sunscreen wears off. It does have a scent of sunscreen when you first spray, but it does not linger.
Honest Beauty

Tinted Moisturizer (in Fair)

This CCC Clean Corrective Tinted Moisturizer has been my daily go-to "foundation"! It's hydrating, the perfect light coverage for at-home isolation and has that spf 30/blue light defense combo. I don't get breakouts or clogged skin from all-day use. I swirl 1-2 pumps of this all over the face for a light veil to even my skin tone, then spot apply concealer on dark scars. I love to layer this on top of my sunscreen for added protection. HB calls this an all-in-one skincare-makeup hybrid that primes, perfects and protects as it moisturizes and color corrects. It uses non-chemical sunscreens to shield against UVA/UVB rays, blue light and delivers antioxidant-rich vitamin C. NOTE: I am a C30 in MAC Studio Fix Powder NC25 in concealer, and I wear the FAIR color. This runs on the darker side and more yellow toned. I read several reviews of people mentioning the Fair was too dark for cool porcelain skin, so I bought the Fair and it was a great match.

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