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Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, celebrating a special occasion or just a treat for yourself – there is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to lift the spirits and invite good energy in the home! Today I’m so excited to share these stunning flowers from Urbanstems, an online flower delivery service that provides not only same & next day shipping, but some of the most BEAUTIFUL modern arrangements I’ve ever come across. Scroll down to read the full story, and be sure to take advantage of my coupon code for your next flower delivery! XO -E


Miss Louie

Fall Flowers

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One of the first things that impressed me about Urbanstems is the service, quality packaging and thoughtful touches. My flowers arrived in three adorable (& sturdy!) pink and peach boxes, and the exterior had a printed message to tell you which side should be facing upwards. When you open the box, there are detailed instructions on how to immediately care and set up your flowers, along with a complimentary package of flower food. I bought three different Urbanstems vases to match my arrangements, and they came alongside the flowers securely packaged and undamaged.

I followed the steps by trimming the ends and leaves, filling my vase with food and water and then carefully unwrapping the protective mesh sleeves that held the big, delicate flowers together. I LOVED this attention to detail because I’ve had flower deliveries in the past where the petals were damaged and crunched by the time they arrived. From the aesthetics to the protective care, the shipping and delivery was 10/10. I was giddy from the moment the boxes arrived. All these details elevated the entire experience, making me very excited to send these as gifts in the future (or just decorate my home)!


I tried to order a nice mix of colors and styles with my three arrangements today: the Macchiato (also available in double size), double the Crispin (also available in single) and the AmethystWhen you browse the flowers, you will see a carousel of recommended add-ons before you add to cart. I could not help but add in three of their stunning vases too. I was surprised at the quality, size and design of these vases, I will be using all three over and over again!

the MACCHIATO also available in double size

Double the CRISPIN also available in single

The MACCHIATO felt modern, minimal and super elegant to me. It has warm tones with dusty velvet leaves, and the sprigs of lavender and vibrant terracotta roses are perfect for fall. If I had an autumnal themed wedding, I would hands down use this in the double size as a bridal bouquet. To match the simplicity, I went with the White Tegan Vase. It’s a tall, glazed ripple textured vase with an organic shaped ident for that perfectly imperfect look. 

The CRISPIN (shown in double size) is a stand out. Grounded with chrysanthemums, this arrangement has deep, autumnal hues of burgundy, peach, red and apricot. WOW, you guys. I could not help but just “Ooooo” and “Ahhhh!” when I set them up. They make me so happy sitting on our dining room table with the Colorado trees turning orange in the background. Literally a burst of happiness to our home! To amp up the warm hues, I went with the Gold Tegan Vase which made the entire bouquet even more stunning.

The AMETHYST is a jewel-toned beauty. Since I had a lot of fall colors in the other two, I thought this was a beautiful contrast to enjoy. The pinks and purples in the flower petals are supported by the safari sunsets (love these!), thistle, ruscus and salals. One of the things I noticed in their flowers, and particularly on the Amethyst, is the use of multiple types of leaves to create dimension. I’ve had past bouquets that felt so one-note because there was just one type of green leaf. I wanted this one to open up more and create a wider spread, so I went with the moodier Charcoal Vase.

Get 15% off + free shipping with code: LOUIE15 (valid until 10/31)

With the quality of packaging, beautiful branding and one-of-a-kind designs, I could see myself sending these as gifts over and over again in the future. Especially with the current environment, there are so many occasions that I could not physically attend, so sending an arrangement this beautiful would soften the absence. I also see other house plant options that are going into my personal wishlist like these holiday wreaths and cute succulent planters. Overall, I would give my Urbanstems experience 5 stars, and I hope this review was helpful to anyone considering your next floral arrangement.

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