Hi bujo friends! It’s time for our monthly plan with me updates!!! For APRIL, I gave myself extra time to create my cover page. I found a simple peony drawing tutorial on the instagram account bonjournal_ and went to town. I seriously forgot how much I LOVE drawing. It is incredibly therapeutic and a fun way to get excited for the month!

For my April monthly log, I created a more simplified version of my usual calendar view. I have a jam packed schedule for April, so I needed maximum space for logging events, times, flight details and meetings. I expanded my calendar date boxes to 5 squares wide x 6 squares tall to fit more text per day and left my entire right side column space for a singular EVENTS box. The residual space at the bottom of my calendar is for any monthly notes.

My weekly log this month is a mix of a few favorite layouts. I REALLY loved separating my personal and work tasks side by side last month, so I decided to combine the 2 zone horizontal rows with extra margin space on each side for more work spaces. I am concerned that there is not enough daily box space, but we shall see! Hope you guys enjoyed this month’s update video. Love ya xoxo

Miss Louie