ETSY SPRING Bullet Journal Ideas & Accessories


Hi BUJO fam! I am SO EXCITED to be partnering with Etsy on a special 2 part Spring series here on the blog! For Part 1, I decided to do a bullet journal themed post because I consider Etsy as one of my favorite resources for bujo supplies. If you are new to Etsy, basically it’s like a massive online craft show that features thousands of incredible artists’ shops from around the world. I LOVE that I can find one of a kind pieces and support small businesses from the comfort of my own home. I am constantly finding awesome creators with the BEST bujo supplies. By the way, this partnership is very near and dear to my heart because I placed my first Etsy order in college for a pair of earrings in… 2009!!!! When I say I’m an Etsy fan… I. AM. A. FAN. Y’ALL!!

For today’s Part 1 post, I wanted to do something a little different. With spring coming up next week and with it all the feelings of keeping this FRESH and RENEWED (and after spending way too much time shopping on Etsy), I’ve been super inspired to do a deep clean of my home and personal life. I have purchased a one way ticket to building better lifestyle habits, and I’m not turning back! What better way than to keep myself motivated and organized than through JOURNALING! So today I wanted to share some of my latest spring-themed bujo ideas to get our lives back in order.

You’ll be seeing some of my favorite tools and accessories (I know I’ve gone on and on about InkByJeng and Paper Kumaco, still love them so much!), as well as a few new items too! I had SUCH a lovely time making these new pages and spreads, and I hope you can benefit from them too!

OK let’s get started!!

[shop-title style=2 text=”SETTING THE MOOD”]

To get in the right mindset, I took a moment to get out some of my spring decor for this year. I treat journaling as a sacred time to meditate and goal-set, so creating a welcoming ambience takes my personal time to the next level. I lit a couple of candles, made myself some tea and bundled up for a comfy BUJO session. Check out my favorites below!


Planning my week on a cloud of perfectly knitted wool from WoolDryerBallscom. This type of blanket is crazy Insta-famous, and it just invites you to snuggle all day.


Sipping on my my favorite at-home drink, a matcha green tea latte, in an encouraging mug from HeyShabbyMe

Love cozying up with my African mudcloth decorative pillow from BryarWolf. I was on the hunt for the perfect mudcloth pillow for months, and I was so happy with this purchase! The pillow insert it came with was SO THICK AND FLUFFY!! I am still in shock at the quality. It looks great and is holding up so well. Be sure to check out the artisans on Etsy for killer decor finds!!



Need a little magic in your life? Look no further than Magic Hour‘s magical candles! I don’t talk about it much, but I really love spiritual metaphysical stuff. I have a collection of crystals and am a firm believer in welcoming and sending good energy into the world. If you are like me, then I know you will be a huge fan of their shop! Each candle feels like a little treasure, complete with sparkles, bright soy waxes, exotic oils, delicate flower petals AND GEMSTONES charged with good intention. I currently have the Art candle for a creative burst, the Triple Goddess candle because *ahem* I’m a KWEEN and the Ancestor candle because I’ve been feeling very connected to my family guardian angels recently. I love reading the meaning and creative process behind each candle in the description boxes, so be sure to enjoy the browsing process and find a candle that speaks to you!!


Also, the vintage-y looking blush matches from FrankieandClaudeShop are a MUST for the decor fanatic!! How cute is that glass jar next to your favorite candle, right?? And for minimalism fans, TimberlineStudio makes awesome modern concrete pieces like my coaster set. Both the matches and coasters are lovely daily use items that make me smile and make a nice gift idea too!

I love the Art candle because it comes packed with so many layers of color!! Each one is unique, so the colors are different each time. It was so cool to see the glitter and layers melt into different pools of color :)

[shop-title style=2 text=”KONMARI SPREAD”]

In my recent February Favorites video, I was gushing about my latest obsession (I’m late to the party on this one, I know) — the Konmari method for tidying up! I bought all three of her books and have been feeling SO inspired!!! I couldn’t wait to get started and decided to dedicate an entire spread in my BUJO Collections to this giant tidying project. I’ve already started (halfway through the clothes – I. HAVE. SO. MANY. CLOTHES.) and it really has been nothing short of life-changing so far. I can’t believe that such a simple concept can completely alter your home, happiness and core values for the better. I can’t wait to complete the journey with Jeremy!

I made this spread pop with the help of  InkByJeng stamp kits and Paper Kumaco sticker sheets

[shop-title style=2 text=”CLEANING SCHEDULE”]

Doing a thorough tidying via the Konmari method is a huge step for me, but I also want to be sure that I’m doing a better job regularly cleaning my home. I gave it some thought and created a guide for all of my main chores. Now I have all my thoughts in one place, instead of randomly remembering to vacuum or dust. I’ve organized everything by frequency (monthly, weekly, etc), and that way when I’m setting up my monthly and weekly spreads, I can easily flip to this page in my collections to remind myself which chores I need to schedule. Shoutout to the inspiration source ShowMeYourPlanner!

The bold header was made with my InkByJeng stamp kits and the cute minimalist chore icon stickers were from Paper Kumaco



[shop-title style=2 text=”SELF CARE MENU”]

This one was SOOO much fun to make! While I do have a bunch of self-development goals that I’m going after this year, I realize that I do have a nasty tendency to not take care of myself. Like, girl, you need to take care of #1, m’kay?! When I’m in the thick of a crazy project, even if I know that I’m overwhelmed and need a little break, sometimes it’s hard to think about the exact remedy my mind and body needs in that hectic moment. So! I decided to write down my go-to ideas for whenever I need a pick-me-up! This is set up like a visual menu of ideas, and I totally went ham with these adorable Paper Kumaco stickers along with some doodles (thanks to help from my talented assistant!!). I already feel better just LOOKING at this page, and I’m hoping it will inspire me to actually use my own ideas and relax every once in a while!! How silly that we can be so busy that we need reminders on what makes us happy, but even just documenting each menu button MADE ME HAPPY!

Here’s a look at the full 2 page spread. My cleaning guide for my house chores plus the happy menu for my soul :)



[shop-title style=2 text=”MEAL PLAN”]

Y’all, I have a confession to make. While I enjoy cooking, I have really been STRUGGLING recently when it comes to meal planning!! I know that whenever I do meal plan, I eat cook more, eat healthier and save money. So it’s high time I add this to my BUJO! We visited my parents on my most recent trip to Texas, and I got some help from Mama Wong! Who better to get some recipe and meal planning tips than yo mama?? She added as many ideas as possible into my grid, so please know that the below notes are more for inspiration vs. practicality. I would realistically make 2-3 recipes in a week in large quantities and then eat the leftovers a few times in my following meals.

The bold header was made with my InkByJeng stamp kits and the cute food stickers were from Paper Kumaco


So those are all my new spring inspired pages, I CANNOT WAIT to see how they all work for me. I hope you got some inspiration to try some of these ideas out for yourself! I will be sure to show you guys live on camera in our April Bujo setup!

[shop-title style=2 text=”BONUS WEEKLY SPREAD”]

Lastly, here’s a little EXTRA inspiration for ya :) A bit of a sneak peek of one of my March weekly spreads! I’ll be doing a more thorough dive into all of them in my April BUJO update, but since I made this update in the same session I thought I’d add this in too!

All of the headers and numbers were made with my InkByJeng stamp kits and the cute succulent stickers are from Paper Kumaco


[shop-title style=2 text=”STAMPS & STENCILS”]

As I mentioned throughout this post, I would be helpless with out my stamp kits, stencils and stickers! I use these throughout my spreads daily, and they make my life so much easier!!





Miss Louie