12 items, 42 outfits SPRING CAPSULE WARDROBE

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hi fam! today i have a 42 outfit spring capsule wardrobe featuring 12 different pieces:

tee shirt | puff sleeve blouse | cardigan sweater | button down | trench | coatigan | jeans | trousers | shorts | cami slipdress | sneakers | slingbacks

Items not included in the capsule, but featured in the video are: white bag, brown bag and skinny belt. Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy today’s capsule!

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Everlane Items


1. Tees

2. Puff Sleeve

3. Button Down

4. Sweater

5. Dress

6. Shorts

7. Jeans

8. Trousers

9. Trench

10. Coatigan

11. - 12. Shoes

2 responses to “12 items, 42 outfits SPRING CAPSULE WARDROBE

  1. I always look forward to and enjoy your capsule wardrobes. Only negative comment I want to make is the number of outfit is really quite a bit less than you claim as throwing on outwear does not an outfit make. The outfit is what you wear under the outerwear. I love the outerwear you have chosen and they really make your outfits look amazing. However I can’t go throughout the day in my outerwear to make my outfit look different. Please consider this when you present your outfit claims.

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